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Laboratory and Safety Rules

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    Laboratory safety regulations will be strictly enforced. Repeated infractions will result in points lost. All organisms will be considered pathogenic, and should be handled with aseptic technique and universal precautions when working in the laboratory.

    1. Wash your hands with soap and water before entering or leaving the lab. clipboard_e8cf48889a722338e2e3a7f58c637e502.png

    2. Wear shoes that completely cover your feet, you cannot wear sandals or other open-toe OR open-heel shoes (clogs are ok).

    3. You must wear a lab coat when working in the microbiology lab. You must store your lab coat/shirt in the lab. Your lab coat/shirt may NOT be removed from the room during the semester.

    4. Long hair must be tied back in a ponytail, all hats must be removed or turned backward.

    5. Accidents or injuries must be reported to your instructor as soon as possible. Know the location of the fire blanket, fire extinguisher, shower and eyewash in case of emergency. clipboard_e991e0fa54f73911989d43656ee8699e5.png

    6. Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in the lab. Avoid hand-to-mouth activities such as nail biting or chewing on the end of a pencil/pen.

    7. Cell phones are not allowed in lab under any circumstances.

    8. Do not put paper towels used to wipe down the bench in the bench top waste baskets.

    9. Bunsen burners should never be left unattended clipboard_e3cda39a155ad4d874bffee43f7081e47.png

    10. Disinfect your lab space at the start and end of each lab period. To disinfect your area wipe down the table top thoroughly with laboratory disinfectant and a paper towel. When leaving the lab, apply disinfectant to the bench area and leave to air dry (wet).

    11. Remove any non-essential materials from your lab workspace, and keep only what you need for conducting the laboratory activity on your bench. Store coats and backpacks where they will not be in the way. clipboard_e597efe3f7a61662c6ba624128571e4e7.png

    12. At the end of the lab period return all equipment to its place of origin. It is important that we maintain/improve our surroundings for other classes/students.

    13. Dispose of wastes as instructed. Hazardous chemicals and microbial cultures must be properly discarded in designated containers and kill areas. We will inform you of the proper disposal procedures. Do not discard any materials that have contacted microbial cultures or hazardous chemicals in sinks or wastebaskets.clipboard_e2e44ff64fa4c467c84f1ac49b0b44e71.png

    14. Treat each other with respect, you are all here to learn, you are all going to make lots of mistakes, be patient with each other.

    This page titled Laboratory and Safety Rules is shared under a CC BY-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Nazzy Pakpour & Sharon Horgan.

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