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16.5: Post-lab Questions

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    1. Explain how the bacterial cells, normally not competent, were made competent during the procedure.
    2. Differentiate between the purposes of each of the 4 plates used in the exercise.
    3. Contrast the uses of the antibiotic and arabinose in the exercise.
    4. Why did the P- bacteria grow on the LB agar without ampicillin and not in the Petri dish with the LB agar with the ampicillin?
    5. For the P+ plates, why did colonies "glow" on one plate and not the other?
    6. How is the use of Arabinose a means of gene regulation?
    7. E. coli cells can double about every 20 minutes with the proper environmental conditions. How long would it take a single transformed cell to become 100 million cells, all with resistance to ampicillin?

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