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1.4: Post-lab Questions

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    1. What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should you wear when:
      1. Staining bacteria
      2. Writing pre-lab lecture notes
      3. Using a BSL 2 culture like Staphylococcus aureus
    2. What should you do if you break clean glassware or slides?
    3. Give examples of some things you should not wear in lab.
    4. What is a major concern while wearing gloves?
    5. Where does one dispose of bacterial cultures in petri dishes when finished with them?
    6. Where does one dispose of bacterial cultures in test tubes when finished with them?
    7. Draw a diagram of the lab and indicate where the eyewash station, shower, fire blanket, and fire extinguisher are.
    8. Describe the procedure for leaving lab once you are finished with your work.

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