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8.1: Learning Objectives

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  • Learning Objectives

    After this lab you should be able to:

    1. Define and explain the purpose of aseptic technique.
    2. Identify aseptic techniques used in our lab, and apply them to clinical and home situations.
    3. Perform various transfer techniques and streak plating properly and without contamination.

    “Out of 110 aseptic opportunities, 45 breaks in aseptic technique were observed. Other results revealed that 80 percent of the time peri-care was omitted, the integrity of the sterile field was contaminated 70 percent of the time, and 20 percent of the time contamination occurred with donning of sterile gloves.  When evaluating how well the nurses performed the catheterization procedure as specified by the directions for use (DFU), 30 percent either omitted or incorrectly performed the steps” (1). 

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