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22.7: Summative Questions

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    1. What is pollen?
    2. Why was pollen an important adaptation for gymnosperms, considering the changing global conditions?
    3. What adaptations do gymnosperms share that allowed them to compete with SVPs?
    4. Describe the advantages provided by the adaptations you listed in the previous question and relate them to changes in global climate.
    5. How would you differentiate a fern and a cycad?
    6. What features do gnetophytes have that classify them as gymnosperms?
    7. Which features do gnetophytes have that lead people to believe they might be more closely related to angiosperms?
    8. What other explanation could there be for gnetophytes and angiosperms sharing these traits?
    9. In what climate(s) would you be most likely to find gymnosperms? Explain your answer.

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