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9: Regulation of Food and Other Products

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    • Understand the FDA’s regulatory authority over food
    • Describe the regulatory functions of CFSAN, CVM, and CVB
    • Understand how the FDA, EPA, and USDA together regulate GMOs and their focus
    • Explore the FSMA, and the five main elemental changes brought about in food safety including recall authority in food
    • Understand what Medical foods are and how they are regulated
    • Identify several veterinary products and how and why the FDA regulates them
    • Explore how the FDA regulates cosmetics and why they regulate them

    • 9.1: Food Safety
      FDA authority over food comes from the FD&C Act, which defines food as "articles used for food or drink for man or another animal, chewing gum and articles used for components of any such article.". The FDA is responsible for the safety of all food, including individual components of food, animal and pet food, and food ingredients. Their mission is to prevent food adulteration and ensure foods are safe, wholesome, and sanitary in addition to providing accurately labeled food.
    • 9.2: Regulation of Plant GMOs
    • 9.3: Regulation of Animal GMOs and Medical Foods
    • 9.4: Regulation of Veterinary Products
    • 9.5: Regulation of Cosmetics
      You might be surprised to learn that the FDA has regulatory oversight over cosmetics. You may be even more surprised to know that this oversight is largely self-regulated! The FDA acts with hazardous products – but the remainder of the control is by the companies themselves. The other area the FDA does scrutinize heavily is misbranding. Many companies have recently moved to market their cosmetics with drug language – such as "anti-aging cream."

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