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Bone Matrix Anatomy (Coloring)

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  • The bone matrix is composed of cells called osteocytes that form rings. The cells are connected by tiny canals called canaliculi.

    bone matrix.png

    Coloring Directions

    Lamella (A) - light blue
    Spongy Bone (B) - green
    Volkmann’s Canal (F) - orange
    Haversian Canal (D) -- yellow
    Compact Bone (E) -- light brown
    Periosteum (C) - pink
    Lacuna (I) - dark blue
    Osteocyte (H) - red
    Canaliculi (G) - purple


    1. What structure connects osteocytes? __________________
    2. Osteocytes form rings called _____________________
    3. What canal is found in the center of the rings? ________________
    4. Osteocytes are within chambers called ______________
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