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Rhodospirillum centenum

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  • Rhodospirillum rubrum is a purple nonsulfur bacterium that can grow aerobically or anaerobically. It has the ability to live through cellular respiration, fermentation, photosynthesis, or photoautotrophic growth.

    Wild Type

    • Wild type PYP from Rhodospirillum centenum, pH 7.0, in 10mM phosphate buffer.
    • Absorption maximum: 434 nm,
    • Purity Index (A276/A434) = 0.40,
    • Total vol: 40μl (20μl/tube)
    • Total OD: 2.7, 200X dilution of sample= 0.33689 OD @ A434,
    • photocycle rate (time constant): ~50 seconds
    • R. centenum: The sample concentration @ 434nm is 63.38od/cm. To get 0.5 OD with 1 mm cuvette @434 nm, you will dilute ~127 times.


    Figure. Dark (black), light (red) light x 2.46 (red dashed)

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