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7.4: Review Questions

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  • 1. Classify the following types of organisms by their temperature requirements

    a. A bacteria that is spoiling food in your refrigerator __________________________

    b. A bacteria that live in the hot springs of Yellowstone ________________________

    c. A bacterial species that can cause human disease ___________________________

    2. Some hospital operating rooms have UV light bulbs that are switched on when the room is not in use

    a. What is the purpose of these lights?

    b. Why are they only used when the room is not in use?

    3. Would you expect an endospore-former to be thermoduric? Why or why not?

    4. In the UV radiation experiment, what was the purpose of exposing one plate to visible light?

    5. What did you conclude from observing the plate that was exposed to UV radiation with the lid on?

    6. Why would we need to expose the Serratia and the Bacillus to UV radiation for different amounts of time to achieve sterilization?