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Quiz 3

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    Match the name of the person below to the descriptions of important achievements

    1. Antony Leuwenhoek (different spellings in different books)
    2. Robert Hooke
    3. Edward Jenner
    4. Ignaz Semmelweiss
    5. Joseph Lister
    6. Louis Pasteur
    7. Robert Koch
    8. Paul Erhlich
    9. Alexander Fleming
    10. James Watson and Francis Crick

    Important achievements

    1. Discovered/reported the structure of DNA=
    2. Developed a smallpox vaccine using cowpox virus=
    3. First to describe “magic bullet”, Father of Chemotherapy=
    4. First to observe and report the existence of “animalcules”, microorganisms=
    5. First to use the term “cell” in biology=
    6. Many accomplishments: Disproved the Theory of Spontaneous Generation of Microbes, demonstrated microbes are ubiquitous/everywhere, even in air; saved the French wine industry by introducing pasteurization to kill unwanted spoilage microbes in grape juice; first to develop rabies vaccine; important work supporting Germ Theory of Disease=
    7. Physician in Vienna, recommended doctors and medical students wash and disinfect their hands after performing autopsies and before examining patients to prevent “puerperal fever/”childbed fever”=
    8. Scottish physician who used carbolic acid to disinfect wounds, to soak bandages and to spray above surgical incisions, greatly reducing infections in patients ( Listerine is named in his honor)=
    9. German physician who successfully proved the “Germ Theory of Disease”, proving a specific microbe causes a specific infectious disease, using 4 postulates=
    10. Discovered the first antibiotic, penicillin, produced by the fungus Penicillium and also discovered lysozyme=

    Key: 1=J 2=c 3=h 4=a 5=b 6=f 7=d 8=e 9=g 10=i

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