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8: Novelty

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    • 8.1: What is an Evolutionary Novelty?
      A novelty as a new structure or property of an organism that allows it to perform a new function, thus opening a new "adaptive zone". In this reckoning, a novelty allows an organism to exploit a new ecological resource and should lead to an adaptive radiation.
    • 8.2: Case Study - The Evolution of Insect Wings
      Insect wings are an incredibly important novelty associated with the radiation of the insects into one of the most diverse clades on the planet. They occupy land, water, and air and eat almost every food source imaginable. While their origin seems almost "out of the blue," careful developmental and paleontological studies have revealed key insights into their evolutionary history.
    • 8.E: Novelty Discussion
    • 8.S: Novelty (Summary)

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