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6.8: Suggested Readings

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    Allison, E.H., A.L. Perry, M.-C. Badjeck, et al. 2009. Vulnerability of national economies to the impacts of climate change on fisheries. Fish and Fisheries 10: 173–96. African fisheries are highly vulnerable to climate change.

    Dietz, S., A. Bowen, C. Dixon, et al. 2016. ‘Climate value at risk’ of global financial assets. Nature Climate Change 6: 676–79. Climate change will cause financial losses of up to US $24 trillion.

    Hole, D.G., S.G. Willis, D J. Pain, et al. 2009. Projected impacts of climate change on a continent-wide protected area network. Ecology Letters 12: 420–43. In coming decades, many species will not be able to survive in their present locations because of climate change.

    IPCC. 2014. Climate Change 2014: AR5 Synthesis Report (Geneva: IPCC). Comprehensive presentation of the evidence for global climate change, along with predictions for the coming decades.

    Jaramillo J., E. Muchugu, F.E. Vega, et al. 2011. Some like it hot: The influence and implications of climate change on coffee berry borer (Hypothenemus hampei) and coffee production in East Africa. PLoS ONE 6: e24528. Some important crop pests will benefit from a warming world.

    La Sorte, F.A., S.H.M. Butchart, W. Jetz, et al. 2014. Range-wide latitudinal and elevational temperature gradients for the world’s terrestrial birds: Implications under global climate change. PLoS ONE 9: e98361. African birds are particularly vulnerable to climate change.

    Niang, I., O.C. Ruppel, M.A. Abdrabo, et al. 2014. Africa. In: Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, ed. by V.R. Barros, et al. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). A review of climate change impacts across Africa.

    Thieme, M.L., B. Lehner, R. Abell, et al. 2010. Exposure of Africa’s freshwater biodiversity to a changing climate. Conservation Letters 3:324–31. Climate change will have wide-ranging impacts on Africa’s freshwater ecosystems.

    Wiens, J.J. 2016. Climate-related local extinctions are already widespread among plant and animal species. PLoS Biology 14: e2001104. Hundreds of species have already been subjected to local extinctions due to climate change.

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