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19.6: Key Words and Terms

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    anaphase G2 phase mTOR signaling
    apoptosis Guardian of the Genome necrosis
    ATM kinase immunotherapy oncogenic viruses
    benign tumors intergrin p14ARF
    cancer cells interphase p21
    CDKs invasive tumors p53
    cell cycle LFS
    cell cycle checkpoints Li-Fraumeni Syndrome PD-L1
    chemotherapy M checkpoint programmed cell death
    Chk2 M phase of the cell cycle prophase
    colchicine malignant tumors protein phosphorlyation
    cyclin MAPK proteasome
    cyclin level in cell cycle maturation radiation therapy
    cytokinesis maturation promoting S phase
    dideoxyNTP Mdm2 signal transduction
    elephant p53 genes metaphase SV40
    FAK metastasis T antigens
    G0 of the cell cycle mitosis taxol
    G1 checkpoint mitosis promoting factor telophase
    G1 phase mitotic phases tumor suppressor protein
    G2 checkpoint MPF ubiquitination

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