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17.8: Key Words and Terms

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    action potential fight-or-flight peroxisomes
    active transport flaccid phagocytosis
    adaptin free energy phospholipase C
    adenylate cyclase G protein subunits phosphorylase kinase
    adherens junctions gap junctions pinocytosis
    adrenaline gluconeogenesis PKA
    allosteric change regulates transport GLUT1 PKC
    antiport glycolysis plasmodesmata
    aquaporins good cholesterol plamolysis
    bad cholesterol G-protein-linked receptors poikilothermic organisms
    basal lamina Heat shock protein potential difference
    belt desmosomes HSP70 protein protein kinase A
    Ca2+ hydrophilic corridor protein kinase C
    cadherin hypertonic protein packaging
    cargo receptor hypotonic protein phosphorylation
    carrier proteins IgG light chain proton gate
    cell adhesion molecules inositol triphosphate proton pump
    cell-cell attachment integrin receptor-mediated endocytosis
    cell-cell recognition ion channels RER membrane
    cell-free translation ion flow resting potential
    channel proteins ion pumps secondary active transporters
    chaperone proteins IP3 serine-threonine kinases
    cholesterol effects in membranes isotonic signal peptide
    clathrin LDL (low density lipoprotein) signal recognition particle
    coated pits ligand (chemically) gated channels signal sequence
    coasted vesicle lysosome signal transduction
    connexins MAP kinase smooth endoplasmic reticulum
    contact inhibition mechanically gated channels sodium-potassium pump
    contractile vacuole membrane depolarization solute concentration gradients
    COP membrane hyperpolarization solute transport
    cotransport membrane invagination sorting vesicle
    coupled transport membrane potential spot desmosomes
    cytoskeleton microbodies stop-transfer sequence
    DAG mitochondrial membrane contact proteins symport
    diffusion kinetics mitogenic effects tight junction membrane proteins
    early endosome nerve growth factor tight junctions
    ECM neurotransmitters TJMPs
    effector molecules NGF tonoplast
    EGF nuclear envelope T-SNARE
    endocytosis nuclear pore fibrils turgid
    endomembrane system nuclear transport receptor turgor pressure

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