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13.4: Key Words and Terms

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    19S proteasome cap complex gene editing RISC endonuclease
    20S proteasome complex global transcription factor RISC proteins
    amino acid starvation globin RNA interface
    Barr Bodies gRNA RNA turnover rates
    C. Elegans GTP/GDP swap RNAi
    Cas GTP-eiF2 recycling RNA-induced silencing complex
    Cas helicase activity half life sgRNA
    Cas9 endonuclease HCR kinase siRNA (small interfering RNA)
    circRNA heme small RNAs
    circular RNA hemin smORF
    CRISPR HRC kinase spacer RNA
    CRISPR interference initiation complex scanning steady state
    CRISPR/Cas iron regulatory protein Streptococcus pyogenes
    CRISPR/Cas9 gene array IRP tracr
    CRISPRi Junk DNA tracr gene
    dicer IncRNA tracr RNA
    eiF2 phosphorlyation long non-coding RNA translation elongation
    eiF2B micro RNA ubiquitin
    EIIAGlc miRNA ubiquitination
    Ferritin mRNA scanning uORF
    GAAC proteasome XistAR
    GCn2 protein turnover rates Yeast GCN4
    GDP-eiF2 riboswitch
    Gene Drive RISC

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