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9.4: Key Words and Terms

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    base excision repair initiation replicons
    bidirectional replication initiator proteins replisome
    Central Dogma lagging strand S phase of the cell cycle
    clamp proteins leading strand satellite DNA
    condensation reactions methylation single-strand binding proteins
    deamination mutations siRNA
    density gradient centrifugation nucleotide excision repair supercoiling
    depurination Okazaki fragments T2 phage
    direct repeats origin of replication tardigrade
    discontinuous replication phosphate backbone telomerase
    DNA ligase phosphodiester linkage telomeres
    DNA mismatch repair primase theta images
    DNA polymerase I, II, III primer topoisomerases
    DNA repair processive replication transcription-coupled repair
    DNA sequence phylogeny proofreading transposase
    elongation RadA protein VNTRs
    env RecA protein
    helicase replication
    high-speed binder replication fork

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