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3.5: True Respiration

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  • The common misconception about plants is that their only energy-related metabolic process is photosynthesis:

    CO\(_2\) + H\(_2\)O + energy \(\longrightarrow\) carbohydrates + O\(_2\)

    However, as most eukaryotes, plants have mitochondria in cells and use aerobic (oxygen-related) respiration to obtain energy:

    carbohydrates + O\(_\mathbf{2}\) \(\longrightarrow\) CO\(_\mathbf{2}\) + H\(_\mathbf{2}\)O + energy

    Typically, plants spend much less oxygen in respiration than they make in photosynthesis. However, at nights plants do exactly the same as animals, and make only carbon dioxide!

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