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Introduction to Botany (Shipunov)

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    This text is a re-structuring the “classical” introductory botany course into a more logical sequence of themes with two main ideas: (1) put as much plant-related information as possible into an evolutionary context and (2) explain complicated problems with simple words and metaphors. One extremely important concept to understand: plants are not animals! Obviously, this phrase has many important meanings. First of all, since we humans are animals, it is much easier for us to understand animal life than plant life. Many terms that are associated with animal life (like “stomach” or “blood pressure”) are generally well known, even intuitively. Learning botany as a beginner requires to speak about plants, and to speak, you have to learn botanical language. This is why you need to know a vast amount of terms, so be prepared to work hard.

    Thumbnail: Myristica fragrans, fruits. Situgede, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported; W.A. Djatmiko).

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