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1.29: Student Learning

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    What are the twenty-first-century learning skills that we can integrate in undergraduate education? There are at least four major skills as follows:

    1. Critical thinking
    2. Communication
    3. Collaboration
    4. Creativity

    Moreover, undergraduate students need to develop higher-order thinking skills such as creativity and synthesizing in order to be well-prepared for navigating the twenty-first century and success.

    \(\PageIndex{1}\). Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    • SLO 29.01: Apply the best practices for learning about student learning
    • SLO 29.02: Describe the characteristics of how learning works
    • SLO 29.03: Describe the characteristics of online learning
    • SLO 29.04: Describe the characteristics of in-person learning
    • SLO 29.05: Identify given plant species with their scientific names based on their key features
    • SLO 29.06: Describe the characteristics of hybrid learning
    • SLO 29.07: Explain classroom technology in the new era of learning

    \(\PageIndex{2}\). Big Picture


    \(\PageIndex{3}\). Test Your Knowledge

    • Assessment 1: TRUE or FALSE: Growing plants help students learn valuable skills and concentrate.
    • Assessment 2: Multimedia tools such as videos improve learning. Why?
    • Assessment 3: TRUE or FALSE: US phone numbers are 7-digits because of the fact that human short-term memory can hold max 7 digits.
    • Assessment 4: TRUE or FALSE: Human can remember 65% info as image while 10% as a text.

    \(\PageIndex{4}\). Can You Spot These Plants?


    \(\PageIndex{5}\). Check Your Answers

    1. TRUE
    2. Because of the fact that multimedia tools (videos, animation, picture) improve connections of content in both visual and verbal context, it helps brain improve learning.
    3. TRUE
    4. TRUE

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