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1.28: Growth Mindset and Grit

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    How do cultivate growth mindset? Growth mindset individuals can develop their abilities compare to fixed mindset individuals. Moreover, growth mindset individuals have the attitude of constantly learning new things.

    Furthermore, there are increasing research interest in answering the question: Does growth mindset (also grit) help promote undergraduate student performance especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field majors?

    \(\PageIndex{1}\). Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    • SLO 28.01: Apply the best practices for learning Growth Mindset and Grit
    • SLO 28.02: Describe teh characteristics of Growth Mindset
    • SLO 28.03: Describe the characteristics of Grit
    • SLO 28.04: Describe the characteristics developing growth mindset
    • SLO 28.05: Identify given plant species with their scientific names based on their key features
    • SLO 28.06: Explain strategies for fostering grit
    • SLO 28.07: Explain how to learn from failure

    \(\PageIndex{2}\). Big Picture


    \(\PageIndex{3}\). Test Your Knowledge

    • Assessment 1: TRUE or FALSE: It's possible to grow new brain cells (neurogenesis).
    • Assessment 2: Do you have a BIOLOGY growth mindset? (hint: check your GM score).
    • Assessment 3: A pandemic such as COVID19 can help cultivate growth mindset. Why?
    • Assessment 4: TRUE or FALSE: Several celebrities who failed before succeeding built grit. Give examples. Stephen King, Walt Disney, JK Rowling (Harry Potter), and Bill Gates among others.

    \(\PageIndex{4}\). Can You Spot These Plants?


    \(\PageIndex{5}\). Check Your Answers

    1. TRUE
    2. Strong growth mindset (45–60 points in Mindset Instrument) also create opportunities for growth and developing new techniques for resilience
    3. Because of the fact that crisis like a pandemic
    4. TRUE.

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