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2.8: Summative Questions

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    1. What roles do plants fill in an ecosystem?
    2. How are plants involved in nutrient cycling?
    3. What organisms play complementary roles to plants with regard to nutrient cycling? Explain your answer.
    4. Explain how Allotropa, Matsutake, and tanoaks are connected within an ecosystem. Which of these organisms are producers and which are consumers?
    5. Symbioses often result in coevolution of the organisms involved. In the lab, you saw coevolution from mutualistic symbioses. Describe how a parasitic symbiosis could result in coevolution of both organisms.
    6. Make a concept map using the following terms. The terms below should go into bubbles. Arrange these bubbles in a way that helps communicate relationships between the terms, then connect the bubbles with lines that have a verb or action phrase attached to them. It might help to start by organizing the words into related groups. You can use words more than once. For example, I could connect the bubbles “Autotroph” and “Photosynthesis” with a line that said “makes food via”. The concept would be “an autotroph makes food via photosynthesis.”
      • Autotroph
      • Photosynthesis
      • Chemosynthesis
      • Heterotroph
      • Primary producer
      • Primary consumer
      • Secondary consumer
      • Tertiary consumer
      • Decomposer

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