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Reinforcement: Cell Division

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  • 1. These structures are found in the nucleus of dividing cells, they appear X-shaped _________________

    2. A chromosome is made of two identical sister ____________________

    3. Chromosomes are made of ____________ wrapped around proteins.

    4. Chromosomes are found in the ______________________ of the cell

    5. Sister chromatids are held together by ___________________________

    6. Body cells that contain the full number of chromosomes, 46 in humans, are called _______________

    7. Sex cells that contain only half the number of chromosomes are called ________________

    8. During this stage of the cell cycle, the cell is copying DNA and performing cell functions: _____________

    9. During this stage of mitosis, chromosomes line up along the equator: _________________

    10. During this stage of mitosis, chromatids separate and move to opposite sides: ________________

    11. During this stage of mitosis, DNA condenses and forms chromosomes: _____________________

    12. During this stage of mitosis, the nuclear membrane forms in each new cell: ______________________

    13. During mitosis, this structure moves individual chromosomes: __________________

    14. This pair of structures anchors the spindle: _____________________

    15. The process by which the nucleus divides into two new nuclei is called: __________________________

    16. The process by which the cell splits into two new daughter cells is called: _________________________

    Label the phases:

    cell division.png

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