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Y42: Hh-PYP

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    1. Devanathan, Savitha, Su Lin, Michael A. Cusanovich, Neal Woodbury, and Gordon Tollin. "Early photocycle kinetic behavior of the E46A and Y42F mutants of photoactive yellow protein: femtosecond spectroscopy."Biophysical journal 81, no. 4 (2001): 2314-2319. pdf
    2. Chandra P. Joshi, Harald Otto, Daniel Hoersch, Terry E. Meyer, Michael A. Cusanovich and Maarten P. Heyn, "Strong Hydrogen Bond between Glutamic Acid 46 and Chromophore Leads to the Intermediate Spectral Form and Excited State Proton Transfer in the Y42F Mutant of the Photoreceptor Photoactive Yellow Protein" Biochemistry, 2009, 48 (42), pp 9980–9993. pdf
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