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11.3: Questions

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    1. What is the function of DNA?

    2. Where is DNA located in eukaryotic cells?

    3. What are the 4 building blocks of DNA?

    4. How many chromosomes DNA are located in a human cell nucleus?

    5. Genes carry the code for the cell to make specific proteins. About how many genes are contained in the human genome?

    6. What is the embryo of the wheat plant referred to as?

    7. What occurs at each of the following steps?

      1. Lysis

      2. Filtration

      3. Precipitation

    8. What is the role of each of the following reagents or steps in the DNA extraction procedure? Use the appropriate technical terms.

      1. Detergent

      2. Ice-cold ethanol

    9. The strawberry is an octoploid plant (8 sets of chromosomes in each cell nucleus). Humans are diploid (2 sets of chromosomes). How many sets of chromosomes are in wheat, a hexaploid plant?