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1: Genes and development

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    • 1.1: Genetics Review
      For the most part when we think about Molecular Genetics we are thinking about making functional proteins from a gene encoded in DNA, though some RNA is functional on its own. This happens via two highly-regulated processes: Transcription uses RNA polymerase to make a single stranded mRNA molecule from one strand of a double stranded DNA molecule. Translation uses the ribosome to make a peptide (part or all of a protein) from the mRNA .
    • 1.2: What's in a developmental biologist's "toolbox"?
    • 1.3: Development depends on signaling pathways
      A signaling pathway allows cells to communicate with their external environment. In Developmental Biology, this is usually cell-cell interactions. These kinds of interactions are incredibly important because each cell needs to follow its own developmental trajectory in coordination with all the cells around it. For example, imagine a growing mammalian limb bud. Each cell in the limb bud needs to know if it is on the thumb or pinky side of the limb and how close to the body it is.
    • 1.4: Major signaling pathways in developmental biology

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