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7.5: Review Questions

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    1. Define the process of fermentation. What are some common metabolic end products produced by different microorganisms during fermentation?

    2. What is the purpose of phenol red in a carbohydrate fermentation tube?

    3. What is the function of the durham tube in a fermentation tube?

    4. What is the purpose of the TSI agar test? What is the purpose of iron and sodium thiosulfate in the TSI agar? what is the pH indicator in TSI agar? 

    5. How is the SIM medium used to detect motility?

    6. What substrates are acted on in SIM medium in order for hydrogen sulfide/H2S to be produced?

    7. What does cysteine desulfurase catalyze?

    8. What is the component in the SIM tube that makes this medium suitable to detect the production of indole by bacteria?

    9. What are exoenzymes? why are they important to bacteria?

    10. Why is the enzyme catalase important? Do anaerobic bacteria require catalase? explain your answer.

    11. What is the importance of cytochrome oxidase to bacteria that possess it? 

    12. What is the function of the oxidase reagent in the oxidase test?

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