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9.E: Changes in Chromosome Number and Structure (Exercises)

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  • These are homework exercises to accompany Nickle and Barrette-Ng's "Online Open Genetics" TextMap. Genetics is the scientific study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics. It includes the study of genes, themselves, how they function, interact, and produce the visible and measurable characteristics we see in individuals and populations of species as they change from one generation to the next, over time, and in different environments.


    Make diagrams showing how an improper crossover event during meiosis can lead to: (a) an inversion or (b) a translocation.


    Make a diagram showing how a nondisjunction event can lead to a child with a 47,XYY karyotype.


    How many Barr bodies would you expect to see in cells from people who are: (a) 46, XY, (b) 46,XX, (c) 47, XYY, (d) 47,XXX, (e) 45,X, and (f) 47,XXY ?


    Why can people survive with trisomy-21 (47,sex,+21) but not monosomy-21 (45,sex,-21)?


    If Drosophila geneticists want to generate mutant strains with deletions they expose flies to gamma rays. What does this imply about gamma rays?


    What would happen if there was a nondisjunction event involving chromosome 21 in a 46,XY zygote?


    Design a FISH based experiment to find out if your lab partner is a 47,XXX female or a 47,XYY male.


    What would Figure 9.18 look like if it also showed metaphase chromosomes from another cell?

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