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2.1: Development of a plant

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    The apical meristem produces new cells by cell division. These small squat cells divide and expand in size. They then differentiate into all the various cell types of the plant.

    The great variety of cell types in a plant can be divided into three broad tissue systems: the dermal, vascular and ground tissue systems.

    Tissue systems

    Tissue systems in a leaf
    Tissue systems in a leaf
    Figure 2.1 Diagrams showing the three tissue systems: dermal (dark brown), ground (green) and vascular (blue) in a leaf (top), stem (left) and root (right). Lignified cells have red cell walls and cells with primary growth have blue/green cell walls. (Micrographs of Triticum leaf (BlueRidgeKitties (attributed, share alike), Trifolium stem and Ranunculus root (Berkshire Community College Bioscience Image Library, public domain). Diagrams by Sean Bellairs CC: attribute, share alike).

    Meristems and growth

    Apical meristem of Coleus
    Figure 2.2 Apical meristem of Coleus. A and I =Procambium, B=Ground meristem, C=Leaf gap, D=Trichome, E=Apical meristem, F=Developing leaf primordia, G=Leaf Primordium, H=Axillary bud. Scale bar bottom right = 0.2mm. (Jon Houseman and Matthew Ford [CC BY-SA 4.0]).


    This page titled 2.1: Development of a plant is shared under a CC BY-SA license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Sean Bellairs (Charles Darwin University) .

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