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1.7: Bryophytes

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    Bryophytes are low key plants with one major requirement, which is water due to their non-vascular anatomy. In return, bryophytes play an important role in soil biodiversity including erosion prevention and water absorption from heavy rainfalls.

    By going back to over 450 million years, bryophytes are considered the most ancient Plantae group with no true roots. Furthermore, bryophytes are considered great pioneer plant species together with lichens.

    \(\PageIndex{1}\). Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    • SLO 07.01: Apply the best practices for learning bryophytes
    • SLO 07.02: Describe the characteristics of phylum Marchantiophyta
    • SLO 07.03: Describe the characteristics of phylum Anthocerotophyta
    • SLO 07.04: Describe the characteristics of phylum Bryophyta
    • SLO 07.05: Identify given plant species with their scientific names based on their key features
    • SLO 07.06: Explain the differences between archegonium and antheridium
    • SLO 07.07: Identify gemma cups

    \(\PageIndex{2}\). Big Picture


    \(\PageIndex{3}\). Vocabulary and Key Concepts


    \(\PageIndex{4}\). Test Your Knowledge

    • Assessment 1: TRUE or FALSE: Bryophytes have alternation of generations.
    • Assessment 2: TRUE or FALSE: Bryophytes are small plants with 1-2cm height.
    • Assessment 3: TRUE or FALSE: Asexual reproduction is carried out by gemmae cups.
    • Assessment 4: TRUE or FALSE: Mosses can grow in acidic and high salinity soils.

    \(\PageIndex{5}\). Can You Spot These Plants?



    1. TRUE
    2. TRUE
    3. TRUE
    4. TRUE

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