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11.7: Summative Questions

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    1. How is the production of secondary meristems different in the shoot and the root?
    2. What are the tradeoffs (costs and benefits) to secondary growth?
    3. What is the function of a lenticel?
    4. Would roots in secondary growth need lenticels? Why or why not?
    5. What is the function of a xylem ray?
    6. How could you distinguish phloem fibers from other phloem cells? What cell type are phloem fibers?
    7. What type of questions could you answer with dendrochronology if you didn’t have a living reference specimen to connect the cores to the current date?
    8. Girdling is a process used to slowly kill a tree and/or to create a standing dead tree (a snag). Both the outer and inner bark of the tree is removed all the way around a section of the trunk. Often, this also removes or damages the vascular cambium.
    9. Explain why girdling would kill the tree.

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