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5: Multicellularity and Asexual Reproduction

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  • Learning Objectives

    Content Objectives

    • Learn the process of mitosis and how this type of cell division is used for growth, repair, and asexual reproduction
    • Understand that mitosis is a type of cell division that results in clones of the original cell
    • Learn the two phases of cell division: mitosis is the division of the genetic material, while cytokinesis is the division of the rest of the cytoplasm and the cell wall
    • Understand that prokaryotes cannot undergo mitosis because they lack a nucleus

    Skill Objectives

    • Differentiate between chromatin and chromosomes in a prepared slide
    • Locate and identify important cell structures, including the nucleus, nucleoli, nuclear envelope, and cell wall
    • Identify cells in different stages of mitosis based on chromosomal organization

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