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  • The forward:

    No sign of a Lumi, even when probed in the 800-880 region (although lots of SE in that areasas par the course of these far-red guys). We see signs of a visible meta (or positive abs.) around 600, which is also par for the course. This probably means that the Lumi is formed and decays more quickly than the Pf* populations. Exact estimate of timescales require analysis, but if the bleach is clean then we get about a 5% QY.

    The reverse:

    Looks like NpR6012g4 with Lumi-Go -> Meta-Go evolution on a 700 ps (ish) timescale, which is a bit slower that NpR6012g4, but faster than the same transitions in the other RG CBCRs. Otherwise nothing stands out.

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