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14.7: Activity – Laboratory Simulation of Viral Infection

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    Simulation of Viral Infection

    The test performed in the lab is a simulation. No virus, living materials, or biohazardous reagents are used. The series of test tubes are each filled with a fluid that represents body fluid one might exchange with another individual.

    One tube of fluid is “positive”. You cannot identify this cup by visual inspection. You will perform an epidemiological study to determine the source of the positive fluid.


    1. Your instructor will give you a cup of fluid. Record the ID (letter) of the cup.
    2. During your interaction, each of you will exchange fluid by pouring some of your fluid into your partners cup, and having your partner pour some of their fluid into your cup.
    3. You will be handed a behavior cards.
      a) Step 1: Monogamous trade with person to their right.
      b) Step 2: Promiscuous people stand up go to one side of the room and everyone trade with each other.
      c) Step 3: Cheaters stand up, go next to promiscuous, and trade with either a cheater or promiscuous.
      d) Step 4: One night stands stand up and trade with one other one night stand or promiscuous then sit down.
      e) Step 5: Promiscuous trade with each other.
      f) Step 6: Cheaters trade with same person from before.
      g) Step 7: Everyone sit down.
      h) Step 8: Monogamous trade once more with partner.
    4. The instructor will perform add pH indicator to your tube, tubes that turn pink indicate infection.
    5. Trace back the path the transmission of the disease.

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