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13.1: Introduction

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  • Microbiology & Food Microbiology (weeks 1 & 2)

    Bacteria are single celled prokaryotic organisms and are the most numerous and diverse organisms on Earth. Bacteria are found in soil, air, water, the human body, and almost every other location imaginable. Most bacteria are not pathogenic. For example, E. coli are normally found in the human intestine and yogurt contains live Acidophilus cultures. That bacteria are found at extreme temperatures and pH attests to their being the most successful group of living things on Earth.

    Fungi are eukaryotic organisms most of which are harmless. Fungal spores can be airborne and will grow into fuzzy mats when provided with a nutrient source.

    Laboratory Safety

    • wipe lab bench with disinfectant before and after the lab
    • wash hands with soap and water before leaving the lab
    • wear disposable lab gloves and safety glasses