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1: Chemical Equilibrium

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  • Prepared for SSAC by Cheryl Coolidge, Colby-Sawyer College, New London NH

    ** Express permission granted by author to for use with attribution


    Point-driven word problem that explores quantitative concepts and skills including:

    • XY Scatter graphs
    • Rate
    • Percent change
    • Exponential decay
    • Geometric progressions
    • Ratio (Homework)

    • 1.1: Chemical Equilibrium Powerpoint
      Many important biological and ecological processes follow the equilibrium model. Until now, we have assumed that if stoichiometric amounts of all reactants are present, a chemical reaction will “go to completion”. The amount of product formed in a chemical reaction depends not only on the amount of reactants present but also on the rate of conversion of reactants to products (the forward reaction) and the rate of conversion of products to reactants (the reverse reaction).

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