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16.4: Overview

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    Official course description: This course is designed to explore the biological aging process as part of the normal developmental sequence and process of change from conception to death. This aging process will be viewed as the developmental continuum that occurs in all human beings. Typical biological aging changes in all body systems, as well as some disease processes, will be discussed.
    Credits: 3
    Course prerequisites: None

    This course is fully online. This course is divided into seven scheduled modules, a course information area, an ice breaking module, and a course survey section. Each scheduled module may include readings, discussion, quizzes, and written assignments.

    Module 1: Introduction to Human Again, Theories of Aging, and Cellular Aging
    Module 2: The Integumentary System, Skeletal System, and Muscular System
    Module 3: The Nervous System & Special Senses
    Module 4: The Circulatory, Immune, and Respiratory System
    Module 5: The Digestive and Urinary System
    Module 6: The Reproductive and Endocrine System
    Module 7: Term Research Project

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