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2: The Process of Science

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    • 2.1: What is Science?
      The process of science allows us to learn about the natural world in an objective manner, which is based on fact rather than opinion. Both inductive and deductive reasoning are important in the scientific method. Inductive reasoning is used in descriptive science and in generating hypotheses while deductive reasoning is key to hypothesis testing. Hypotheses and the predictions that stem from them must be falsifiable.
    • 2.2: The Scientific Method
      This section reviews the scientific method and discusses why it is so important to the the process of science. The main steps of the scientific method are observation, question, hypothesis, prediction, experimental design, results, and conclusion.
    • 2.3: Scientific Papers
      This section discusses what peer review is and how scientific papers are structured.
    • 2.4: Basic and Applied Science
      This section discusses the differences between basic and applied sciences. The goal of basic science is simply to expand knowledge. Applied scientist more specifically focuses on solving modern problems.
    • 2.5: Data Dive- California Wildfires
    • 2.6: Review

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