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13.3: Exercise 1 - Prepare cell cultures for extraction

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  • DAY 1

    1. Each student should collect two culture tubes containing 1 mL of YC-Ura medium with 2% raffinose. Each of two tubes should have a DIFFERENT color cap. The different colored caps are used to indicate whether the culture will be given glucose or galactose on Day 2 of the experiment. Label each tube with the name of your strain and the plasmid transformed into it.
    2. Inoculate each tube with a single yeast colony. Together, each team will prepare 6 cultures, including 2 cultures of each transformed strain. The two samples of each culture should be given caps of different colors.
    3. Place the cultures in the 30 ̊C shaking incubator.

    DAY 2 - Four to five hours before your lab class, the teaching staff will:

    • add 1 mL of YC+glucose (repression medium) to the raffinose cultures with one color cap.
    • add 1 mL YC + galactose (induction medium) to raffinose cultures with the other color cap.

      You will be told which color corresponds to which sugar source

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