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1.12: Genetics

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    Phenotype such as plant yield is a combination of both genotype and environmental factors. Genetics help plant biologists to understand how it affects plant life and subsequently how to understand plant yield and quality. Furthermore, plant germplasm banks are critically important for increasing diversity and identifying and mapping superior traits in the fight with global climate changes. Finally, developing new plant varieties will help the feeding increasing world population (estimated 10 billion) by the year 2050.

    \(\PageIndex{1}\). Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    • SLO 12.01: Apply the best practices for learning genetics
    • SLO 12.02: 2. Explain how Mendel’s particulate mechanisms differed from blending hypothesis
    • SLO 12.03: 3. Explain homozygous, heterozygous, phenotype, genotype, dominant, recessive, monohybrid, dihybrid, incomplete dominance, and co-dominance
    • SLO 12.04: 4. Describe polygenic inheritance and give an example from plants
    • SLO 12.05: Identify given plant species with their scientific names based on their key features
    • SLO 12.06: 5. Explain linked genes and gene mapping in plants
    • SLO 12.07: 1. Draw and label 10 steps of meiosis

    \(\PageIndex{2}\). Big Picture


    \(\PageIndex{3}\). Vocabulary and Key Concepts


    \(\PageIndex{4}\). Test Your Knowledge

    • Assessment 12.3.1: TRUE or FALSE: Mutations are changes in the DNA-sequence.
    • Assessment 12.3.2: TRUE or FALSE: Linked genes are on the same chromosome therefore inherited together.
    • Assessment 12.3.3: TRUE or FALSE: Snapdragon flower color shows incomplete dominance.
    • Assessment 12.3.4: TRUE or FALSE: “Red-and-white Camellia flower” is a good example of plant co-dominance. (\(\text{White } \times \text{ Red } \rightarrow \mathrm{~F}1: \text{ White & Red}\))

    \(\PageIndex{5}\). Can You SPot These Plants?


    \(\PageIndex{6}\). Check Your Answers

    1. TRUE
    2. TRUE
    3. TRUE
    4. TRUE

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