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24.8: Summative Questions

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    1. What is the function of a fruit?
    2. How could you distinguish between a fruit and a vegetable at the grocery store?
    3. In the diagram below, an apple blossom is developing into a fruit. Label all of the parts of fruit and flower anatomy that you can see. What type of fruit is this?
    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Copy and Paste Caption here
    1. What food sources does the embryo have before it opens its first leaves in the sunlight?
    2. Oaks and alders are both angiosperms that grow into trees. Oaks produce nuts with large seeds, while alders produce tiny samaras. In a year in the life of a black oak, it might grow 50 cm and produce 6500 nuts. In that same year, a red alder might grow 1-2 meters and produce around 5 million samaras. What are the tradeoffs between these two very different strategies? How might they relate to the different life histories of oaks and alders?

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