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18.6: Design an Experiment

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    You have learned about different groups of algae and the selection pressures that contributed to the differences between them. Use this information and your understanding of photosynthesis to design an experiment to test differences in photosynthesis between red and green algae. This is an open-ended prompt intended to give you some creative freedom to explore your own question. True science is rarely neatly packaged for you, so dig in and get messy!

    Some suggested common lab materials to consider using for your experiment:

    • Red, green, and blue transparent film
    • Test tubes and flasks
    • Saltwater and freshwater
    • Baking soda (produces \(\ce{CO2}\) when mixed with an acid or dissolved in water)
    • Potassium hydroxide (absorbs \(\ce{CO2}\))
    • Full spectrum lamp, heat lamp, and other light sources

    Record your experimental design in the space below. What are the essential components you will need to consider? If time and supplies allow, set up and carry out the experiment.

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