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The UC Davis Bis2ATeam Biology Content and Attributions

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    Content authored by the Bis2A Team at UC Davis, from which much of the BIS2A reading material is drawn, is either heavily edited material originally drawn from the OpenStax "Biology" textbook or original material created by members of the Bis2A Team. The content was written to align closely with the lecture materials delivered in the first freshman/sophomore level course in biology offered at UC Davis and therefore focuses largely on life at the cellular level. Student feedback is used to continuously improve the quality of the materials.

    The BIS2A Team at UC Davis

    The current set of modules assembled for BIS2A have been prepared, curated, and/or edited by the following group of contributors (listed in no particular order):

    • Erin Easlon, PhD - University of California, Davis
    • Marc T. Facciotti, PhD - University of California, Davis
    • Mitchell Singer, PhD - University of California, Davis
    • Michele Igo, PhD - University of California, Davis
    • Christopher Pagliarulo, PhD - University of California, Davis
    • Erin Becker, PhD - University of California, Davis
    • Maryna Imas - University of California, Davis
    • We would like to recognize the contributions of former BIS2A students who have provided valuable feedback on the reading assignments.

    Historical Contributors to Content

    Some of the content in this readings created by the Bis2A Team at UC Davis is drawn from material written by the authors of the original OpenStax "Biology" text. We are grateful for their important contributions and recognize them them by name below.

    Previous Senior Contributors

    Yael Avissar Rhode Island College Cell Biology
    Jung Choi Georgia Institute of Technology Genetics
    Jean DeSaix University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Evolution
    Vladimir Jurukovski Suffolk County Community College Animal Physiology
    Robert Wise University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Plant Biology
    Connie Rye East Mississippi Community College General Content Lead

    Legacy Faculty Contributors and Reviewers

    Julie Adams Aurora University
    Summer Allen Brown University
    James Bader Case Western Reserve University
    David Bailey St. Norbert College
    Mark Belk Brigham Young University
    Nancy Boury Iowa State University
    Lisa Bonneau Metropolitan Community College - Blue River
    Graciela Brelles-Marino California State University Pomona
    Mark Browning Purdue University
    Sue Chaplin University of St. Thomas
    George Cline Jacksonville State University
    Deb Cook Georgia Gwinnett College
    Diane Day Clayton State University
    Frank Dirrigl The University of Texas - Pan American
    Waneene Dorsey Grambling State University
    Nick Downey University of Wisconsin La Crosse
    Rick Duhrkopf Baylor University
    Kristy Duran Adams State University
    Stan Eisen Christian Brothers University
    Brent Ewers University of Wyoming
    Myriam Feldman Lake Washington Institute of Technology
    Michael Fine Virginia Commonwealth University
    Linda Flora Delaware County Community College
    Thomas Freeland Walsh University
    David Grisé Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi
    Andrea Hazard SUNY Cortland
    Michael Hedrick University of North Texas
    Linda Hensel Mercer University
    Mark Kopeny University of Virginia
    Norman Johnson University of Massachusetts - Amherst
    Grace Lasker Lake Washington Institute of Technology; Walden University
    Sandy Latourelle SUNY Plattsburgh
    Theo Light Shippensburg University
    Clark Lindgren Grinnell College
    James Malcolm University of Redlands
    Mark Meade Jacksonville State University
    Richard Merritt Houston Community College
    James Mickle North Carolina State University
    Jasleen Mishra Houston Community College
    Dudley Moon Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    Shobhana Natarajan Brookhaven College
    Jonas Okeagu Fayetteville State University
    Diana Oliveras University of Colorado Boulder
    John Peters College of Charleston
    Joel Piperberg Millersville University
    Johanna Porter-Kelley Winston-Salem State university
    Robyn Puffenbarger Bridgewater College
    Dennis Revie California Lutheran University
    Ann Rushing Baylor University
    Sangha Saha City College of Chicago
    Edward Saiff Ramapo College of New Jersey
    Brian Shmaefsky Lone Star College System
    Robert Sizemore Alcorn State University
    Marc Smith Sinclair Community College
    Frederick Spiegel University of Arkansas
    Frederick Sproull La Roche College
    Bob Sullivan Marist College
    Mark Sutherland Hendrix College
    Toure Thompson Alabama A&M University
    Scott Thomson University of Wisconsin - Parkside
    Allison van de Meene University of Melbourne
    Mary White Southeastern Louisiana University
    Steven Wilt Bellarmine University
    James Wise Hampton University
    Renna Wolfe
    Virginia Young Mercer University
    Leslie Zeman University of Washington
    Daniel Zurek Pittsburg State University
    Shobhana Natarajan Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

    The UC Davis Bis2ATeam Biology Content and Attributions is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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