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Gene Diagram

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  • The meg-1 gene in C. elegans is 2599 nucleotides.

    The sizes of the 6 exons in nucleotides are listed in the table.

    Exon 1 160
    Exon 2 1083
    Exon 3 241
    Exon 4 279
    Exon 5 141
    Exon 6 461

    All of the introns are similar in size. The coding sequence of the protein is 1911 nucleotides. The 5' UTR is only 21 nucleotides, but the 3' UTR is 433 nucleotides. 

    Draw line diagrams that represent the meg-1 gene in DNA, the primary RNA transcript, and the mature RNA, labeling the direction of transcription and the polarities of all DNA and RNA strands. Label the promoter, introns, exons, the +1 site, approximate positions of the start and stop codons, the site of polyA tail, the 5' cap, and the 5' and 3' UTRs.

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