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Class: Cyanobacteriochrome

Family: DXCF Family

Origin: Thermosynechococcus elongatus

Chromophore(s): Mixed PCB/PVB


The Tlr0924 GAF-GGDEF fragment is perfectly functional (panels C and D, attached), so you would look at a single thing converting and would know that it is really modulating an actual output. BTW, that also makes it superior to 6012_4 + C-terminal bit because 6012 has feeble function if any in Nostoc.








(B) Simplified four-state, four-reaction scheme for the NpF2164g3 photocycle (only isomerization, adduction formation/breaking, and primary photointermediates are shown). The first cysteine linkage of the protein to the A-ring of the PCB chromophore is not shown.



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