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2.8: Test yourself

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  • As part of an interview for a research position, three applicants are asked to transfer
    150 μL of distilled water with a P-200 micropipette to a weighing paper and to determine the weight of each drop with an analytical balance. The three measurements made by each of the applicants are listed below. Use the space below to calculate the mean and standard deviation of the measements made by each student.

    Applicant A: 0.161 g, 0.147 g, 0.142 g

    Applicant B: 0.158 g, 0.156 g, 0.157 g

    Applicant C: 0.143 g, 0.153 g, 0.150 g

    Which applicant makes the most precise measurements?

    Which applicant makes the most accurate measurements?

    Which applicant would you hire? Why?