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8.4: Review Questions

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  • 1. Why would bacteria such as Streptomyces species evolve the ability to produce molecules that are toxic to other bacteria?

    2. Do you think that a disinfectant or antiseptic that works well on an agar plate always works well in a real world setting? Why or why not?

    3. You are asked by your place of employment to order a disinfectant that will be used for daily cleaning. What are some of the factors that you will consider when choosing which one to order?

    4. Give an example of when a health-care provider might choose a broad-spectrum antibiotic over a narrow spectrum antibiotic.

    5. What are some of the ways that antibiotics are misused or overused?

    6. Explain the connection between the misuse/overuse of antibiotics and the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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