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Safety Precautions

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  • 1. Do not:
        a. be late for class. You will miss important instructions.
        b. eat or drink in the laboratory
        c. ingest any reagents or chemicals used in the laboratory
        d. pour chemicals down the sink unless instructed otherwise

    2. Dispose of laboratory materials as instructed. Take note of the location of:
        a. Regular trash can
        b. Biohazard bag
        c. Sharps container for disposal of glass slides and small sharp objects

    3. Take note of the location of the:
        a. Fire extinguisher
        b. Eye wash and emergency shower
        c. Emergency power shut off button
        d. Location of security phone
        e. Safety glasses cabinet

    4. Report all spills, unsafe conditions, or accidents to the instructor.

    5. Wash your hands before leaving the laboratory

    6. Keep work area neat and organized. Clean up when done with the laboratory exercise.

    7. Push in your chair before you leave