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5.5: Summary

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  • What is the composition of your unknown sample?

    1. What are the three main classes of biomolecules tested in this lab?
    2. Biruet reagent tests for the presence of _______ and if positive turns a ____color.
    3. Benedict’s reagent tests for the presence of ____ and if positive turns a ____color.
    4. Iodine tests for the presences of _________ and if positive turns a _______ color.
    5. One carbohydrate category is starch. What is the other?
    6. Which test requires high heat after the addition of colorimetric reagent?
    7. What type of biomolecule is egg white?
    8. List 3 substances that contain carbohydrates tested in the laboratory.
    9. What are the building blocks of proteins?
    10. Saturated fats and oils are in which category of biomolecules?
    11. What color change, if any, would glucose produce in the iodine test?
    12. What test solution was the negative control in all experiments in today's lab?
    13. Identify two biomolecules contained in milk.
    14. What is paper made from and why would paper test positive in the iodine test?
    15. Diabetes is a chronic disorder that results in an increased level of sugar (glucose) in the bloodstream. It is caused by inadequate insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas that allows cells to use and store glucose. One symptom of diabetes is excess glucose in the urine (glycosuria). Which colorimetric test could be used to assay a person's urine and what color change could indicate mild diabetes?