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1.5: Measuring Volume

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  • The volume of an object is the amount of space it takes up.

    Volume in cubic centimeters (cc or cm3) = Length X Width X Depth

    1. Measure the volume of a small item, such as dice, using a small metric ruler.
      The volume of the item is ________ cc (cubic centimeters or cm3)
    2. A solid volume of 1 cubic centimeter (cc) equals a liquid volume of 1 milliliter (ml). A person receives an injection of insulin (an important drug for diabetics).
      The volume of the injection is 1.25 cubic centimeters (cc) = ____ milliliters (ml)
    3. Fill a 50 ml graduated cylinder with 20 ml H20. Bend down so meniscus is at eye level. A meniscus is the curvature of the surface of the water. Measure at the lowest point of the meniscus.

    Use the displacement method to determine the volume of the item that you measured in step 1. Examine the meniscus to insure accuracy.



    What is displacement?