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12: Resources

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  • 23 and Me

    There are a few for-profit companies that can now do genome-wide tests from a saliva sample to determine if you have a particular gene or sequence (marker) linked to an increased risk of getting a particular trait (such as Alzheimer's Disease). Here is a link to one of those sites called 23andme. You can peruse their website for additional information about human genetics. 23andme

    Sickle Cell Anemia

    This is a link to a website with short videos on evolution.  The Sickle Cell Anemia video is the last one listed as you scroll down the page: Sickle Cell Anemia


    There is a wonderful website at "Learn.Genetics" exploring the fascinating phenomenon of epigenetics: Epigenetics

    Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

    It's All About Carbon

    Below is the link to a five-part series about the Chemistry of Life: It's All About Carbon